#BeatFeral at Company of Heroes 2 on the Mac App Store

Recently, the Feral Interactive dev and production team laid down a challenge to fans of Company of Heroes 2 on the Mac App Store: #BeatFeral! We took the battlefield and fought valiantly, but it turns out throwing all your resources into trucks is a lot less tactically viable, you know, tanks and air strikes…

We've hosted a few of these events now, both on Mac and Linux, and we've learned that while we might be pretty good at porting games, we're not always that great at playing them! Still, it's awesome to reach out to the fans on events like these, and there are plenty more to come. Check out the Feral Interactive Multiplayer Calendar for more details, and drop us a line on Twitter or Facebook if you want to get involved!

Feral plays Alien: Isolation - Highlight Reel!

You may remember that, recently, I played Alien: Isolation live on Twitch for Feral Interactive! Unfortunately, the Twitch archive has now been taken down, but Cass (who took part in the stream with Dom and I), edited together an amazing highlight reel, documenting my failings for the ages. Come watch my colleagues make fun of me while I die a bunch!

Alien: Isolation Livestream for Feral Interactive - Friday 6th November

Update: The Twitch archive for this is no longer available. A highlights reel is now available on YouTube.

Recently, Feral Interactive (my current employers, all thoughts my own etc. etc. etc. etc.) have taken to hosting #BeatFeral events, where we play our games online against our very keen and supportive Mac/Linux community. This is the first time we've dipped our toes into this kind of audience engagement, and the feedback we've had on so far has been fantastic. Prompted by this enthusiasm for multiplayer content, our Social Media Manager got thinking about how we could best utilise our single player games in this manner.

So here's the first result; last Friday I sat down in a darkened meeting room with Dom and Cass from QA, and we played the Crew Expendable DLC for Alien: Isolation, one of our recent releases. Until Friday I'd only clocked a couple of hours with this incredibly tense survival horror game, and it shows. If you're willing to keep count of the deaths, then please drop me a line so I can put a numerical value on how bad I was. I had an absolute blast though; streaming games is something I've wanted to try for a while, and having had a taste it's got me champing at the bit for more, so I'll definitely be doing some streaming from home in the near future.

The Twitch broadcast below will only be up for another fortnight. A highlights reel is being cut together as we speak, and that'll go on YouTube shortly; once that's up, I'll come back and amend this post accordingly. For now though, enjoy the stream, and be sure to follow @feralgames on Twitter (FeralInteractive on Twitch) to keep in the loop for future #BeatFeral events!

Note: Twitch archive no longer available. See this blog post for the highlights reel!